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World Theatre Day Celebration

28th March, 2023

Students of MBA and MCA

Theatrical performance is a kind of entertainment and an art form that educates and inspires people. World Theatre Day is observed annually on March 27 to emphasize the value of theatrical forms.

Ms. Diksha Beharani from MBA-1 welcomed everyone to the event and told them about World Theatre Day’s history. In her remarks, she stated that the International Theatre Institute (ITI) began observing World Theatre Day in 1961 and that the first World Theatre Day was marked on March 27, 1962. Since then, World Theatre Day has been observed annually on March 27 to promote theatre arts and highlight their significance in our daily lives.

Ms. Shivani Chatta from MCA – I then described this day’s significance. In her speech, she said that World Theatre Day is a form of art that entertains, teaches, and moves people. This event allowed students to express their ideas and to develop their talents. Ms. Sakshi Polkam performed a solo dance. Ms. Diksha Beharani & Ms. Subhashini Anamthu did a duet dance. Ms. Bhagyashree Jagwani, Ms. Anushka Nikalje, Ms. Kajal Yadav, Ms. Sakshi Polkam, and Ms. Jasmin Kandhari performed a group dance. ‘Mad advertisements on Spider Spray’ performed by Ms. Nitu Sharma, Ms. Kadambari Uttral, Ms. Arpita Mashalkar, and Ms. Diksha Beharani. Ms. Bhagyashree Jagwani danced on a song. Ms. Komal Yadav also showed her dance skill through her performance.

A skit was performed by MBA I students on ‘Make Magic’.

Ms. Jasmin Kandhari gave the event’s closing remarks.

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