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Carrom Competition

28th April, 2023

Isha Khandekar, Mansi Bahirat, Manasi Shinde, Arati Vatare, Sakshi Darawade, Shobha Sharma, Merlin Martin, Sara Ebrahim, Maanshri Jaswal

  • Event Type: Sports

  •  Description: Sports Day - Carrom - Brain Power

  • Day & Date : Tuesday – 2nd July 2022 

  • Time 3.00 – 4.00 pm 

  • Venue Platform and link 

  • No. of Participants 7, 5 students + 2 Faculty

 In this dynamic lifestyle, spending time for yourselves and indulging into hobbies or sports always gets a secondary priority. But there is no denying the benefits of Sports. The Institute announced a Carrom Sports Day. 

The Objectives of conducting sports activities are:

  1. Popularizing and encouraging sports among the youth and participating in sports activities and competitions 

  2. To enhance mental and physical development, as well as social skills and even improvements in academic performance.  

Five students and two faculty members played carrom in the play area. There was a healthy competition while they were playing. The students enjoyed the game a lot. This activity helped them to find some time apart from the daily academics and tasks to relax, mingle with friends, have fun and develop their skills.

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