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Bollywood Day Celebration

1st March, 2023

Participating Students

The seminar hall was transformed into a Bollywood Film set and it seemed that students were all ready to hear, ‘Lights, camera, Action! Singing of the Rajya Geet marked the opening of the Bollywood Day celebration.

Merlin Martin extended a warm welcome to everyone and outlined the many periods of Bollywood. Students performed the Ramp Walk while decked out like Bollywood heroines.

Ms. Gunjan Pamnani from MBA-1I was transformed into Sanju’s persona (Anushka Sharma). Ms. Pratiksha Punekar performed the role of Sai Tamhankar in a Marathi film. Namrata Nagpal mimicked Alia Bhatt’s performance in the film Dear Zindagi.

The event was a huge success and gave students a platform to showcase their originality and love of Bollywood. As Students had the chance to bring their favourite characters to life, the atmosphere was brimming with enthusiasm and excitement.

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