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Rev. DADA J P Vaswani’ s Teachings: Good for Today! Good for Tomorrow!!

12th July, 2021

Resource Persons:
Didi Krishna, Working Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission
Sister Shivani, Spiritual Guide & Mentor, Brahma Kumaris
Mr. Satya Tripathi, Asst Secretary General, UNEP
Rev. DADA J P Vaswani’ s Teachings: Good for Today! Good for Tomorrow!!
Mr. Vijay Thadani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, NIIT
Mr. Vishal Chordia, Director -Strategy & Marketing, Pravin Masale

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12th July 2021 was observed as the 3rd Mahayagna of Rev Dada J P Vaswani – Holy Founder of SVIMS

Dada’s constellation of work and teachings is huge. The programme was devoted to bringing forth Dada’s teachings and contributions in Education, Spiritual Upliftment, Well-being and Sustainability and Business Ethics and Excellence.

Didi Krishna – W . Chairperson gave us ten teachings of Dada and urged that anyone could be taken up and practiced to bring beauty and spirituality in one’s life. Sister Shivani in her inimitable style drew a difference between success and sanskar. She said one should be considered successful when one develops. Success where one is an achiever but without having learnt to give is hollow and success where one has learnt to give leads to happiness and health. 

Shri Satya Tripathi laid stress on Dada’s philosophy of Reverence for all Life and how such respect for nature can lead to wellbeing and sustainability. Shri Vijay Thadani brought out the relevance of Dada’s model of character building education. He emphasised that the education of the mind and the heart will become differentiators and spell success in education. He stressed that Dada’s model of holistic education had been captured in the New Education Policy Shri Vishal Chordia spoke of how Dada’s teachings guide operations and leadership at Pravin Masalewalle and how these have brought happiness and success to their business venture.

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