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Business Continuity – A Key Department Supporting Business Today

21th June, 2021

Resource Persons:
Mr. Anoop Singh, Group Leader Delivery Risk Management at Infosys
Mr. Advait Lele, Mr. Anoop Singh is the Security Manager at The British School and
Mr. Amit Gupta, Head, Business Continuity at State Street

‘It’s fine to enjoy success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure’ - Bill Gates

At the start was shown a video on what is business continuity, followed by another on Smart Disaster Recovery [Chamutal Afek Eitam by TEDx Jaffa]

After this a group discussion was conducted where Mr. Anoop Singh, Mr. Advait Lele and Mr. Amit Gupta discussed about the concept and importance of business continuity; how natural disasters or any pandemic affects the business cycle and continuity and what decisions should be taken and implemented to ensure that the business continues efficiently and seamlessly. 

They also spoke about the careers in business continuity and risk management strategies.

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