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Mental Well-being

Prof Vaishali Patil

Mental Well-being

1st September, 2023

Ms. Pooja Jain, CEO, Safe Stories Ms Pooja conducted a session on the topic “Mental Well-being – Managing Emotions and Building Empathy”. She began the session by explaining to the students what emotions are and how mental wellness is important for everyone. Ms. Pooja then explained the meaning of empathy which is to try and understand our own and others’ feelings. Her lecture was very interactive. She asked everyone how they were feeling today. With this exercise she explained to the students how to clearly identify one’s emotions. She said understanding emotions is the step towards being empathetic. Ms. Pooja reiterated that being empathetic does not mean that one should solve everyone’s problems, it means that we understand people and their feelings and are there to listen. Ms. Pooja explained two techniques to the students – Box Breathing and 5-4-3-2-1 Technique. These techniques are used to build empathy and manage emotions. Ms. Pooja suggested that these techniques could be used by the students before exams or interview or any situation to lower down anxiety.

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