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International Forgiveness Day

Ms. Sonali Joshi

International Forgiveness Day

2nd August, 2022

The Sanctuary began with College Song, Invocation and Saraswati Mantra. Ms. Sonali Joshi welcomed and shared with the attendees the purpose of the Special Sanctuary.

Mrs. Vaishali Patil presented her views on Forgiveness. She shared her experience about the power of forgiveness. She urged the students to introspect and they shall then find the power in themselves to rise above the ego, dislike, hatred, hurt and pain and forgive the other person.

Ms. Adolphina sang a beautiful hymn on forgiveness and took everyone into the world of belief and spirituality.

Farzin Khan recited a beautiful Arabic couplet in praise of Allah and the power of forgiveness.

Ms. Kiran Rajpurohit danced on a beautiful song titled ‘Worthy is the lamb’ and had everyone enthralled with her performance.

Shriya Tupe shared her thoughts on Forgiveness and the importance of the event. Forgiving a person means letting go of all the bitterness we hold for someone and fill our hearts with love and compassion. A famous proverb quotes, ‘It is human to err, it is divine to forgive’. Likewise, human nature is not all good and, at the same time, all bad. We all respond to a situation in our ways, and that makes us good or bad in people’s eyes. We all have different life experiences, some favorable and other not-so-favorable. But the most magnificent kind-hearted gesture we can owe to someone is to forgive them. As beloved Dada said, “Keep on forgiving until it hurts, at least forgive as many times as you would wish to be forgiven by God.”

Dr. Divya Lakhani, in her HOD’s address, presented her views on the importance of the day, the need to be more empathetic and understanding and being dedicated to goodness in yourself and others.

The Special Sanctuary session ended with a One minute of prayful silence where Ms. Sonali Joshi requested everyone to send their feelings and prayers to that one person whom they would like to forgive at this moment. She thanked all the participants for making the event a success. The event was well captured with photos and video.

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