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Interfaith Prayer Meet

Ms. Sonali Joshi

Interfaith Prayer Meet

2nd July, 2022

The Sanctuary began with College Song, Invocation and Saraswati Mantra. Ms. Sonali Joshi welcomed and shared with the attendees the purpose of the Special Sanctuary. She quoted a story of a young child and a mother wherein the mother tells the child that it doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as you pray with purity of heart and for the good of the others.

Kiran Rajpurohit presented a beautiful dance on a song of devotion – ‘Dua Kya Hai?’. This song as such held the whole gist of the event within its lyrics, speaking about the strength of prayers, irrespective of how they are sent into the cosmos.

Five girls were then invited to say a prayer each, that was close to their hearts and according to their beliefs / religion.

KanizFatema Khan read a beautiful Arabic poem in praise of Allah. Islam also commands love—love of God and those God loves. Islam includes kindness (to people and animals), charity, forgiveness, honesty, patience, justice, respecting parents and elders, keeping promises, and controlling one’s anger.

Merlin Martin read a Verse from the Holy Book Bible, Chapter Mathew, that spoke about Love and Existence. She followed up the Verse with a prayer ‘The Lord’s Prayer : Our Father’

Shivani Batheja chanted the Gayatri Mantra dedicated to increasing the intellect, wisdom, and knowledge. It is known as the Maha Mantra which can help in bringing fame, prosperity, and peace.

Payal Arora recited ‘Ek Onkar’ that emphasizes the idea of a single Supreme Being. It reinforces the view that the divisions such as caste, language, religion, race, gender and nationality, are unnecessary as we all worship the same God. It signifies the idea that all humanity is one and that everyone is equal.

Asawari Nawale sang the Pasaydaan which means “gift of divine grace,” is the title given to the last nine verses of the commentary on Shri Bhagavad Gita written by the thirteenth-century poet-saint Jnaneshvar Maharaj. It is a beautiful prayer, in which Jnaneshvar Maharaj invokes his Guru’s blessings for the upliftment and benefit of all people.

All the attendees participated in the prayer service, singing along the prayers they knew. These prayers reverberated through all attendees and created an atmosphere of gratitude, emotions, faith, togetherness.

Mrs. Vaishali Patil then presented her views. She shared her experience about the power of prayers and faith. There had been instances wherein she had felt that God always sends His disciples, His help in one way or the other, when you call HIM with your heart or leave yourself to be guided by Him. She shared a devotional song Hich amuchi prarthana ana hech amuche bolane that mesmerized everyone.

Dr. Divya Lakhani, in her HOD’s address spoke about being respectful towards all religions. All can coexist together. She said, “If I want to practice a belief or a religion, I am free to practice it but at the same time I should ensure that I am not showing dissent to other religions so all can coexist. Similarly, love has different forms. Each one of us has a different definition of love. It is upon the individual to decide in which form or way he  / she wants to express it.”

As per the preamble to the Constitution of India, we all have the fundamental right of freedom to religion and Right to Equality. It is important to respect these and respect others. Let love and respect be the guiding light for humanity.

The Special Sanctuary session ended with a One minute of prayful silence where Ms. Sonali Joshi requested everyone to send their feelings and prayers to that one person who matters the most to them. She thanked all the participants for making the event a success.\

The event was well captured with photos and video.

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