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Industry Visit to Lear Corporation

Ms. Vaishali Patil, Ms. Harshali Bhalerao

Industry Visit to Lear Corporation

23rd June, 2023

SVIMS students visited Lear Foundation situated at Chakan, Pune. The team from Lear foundation welcomed all the students and faculty members. Each department – Training, HR, Finance, Operations gave a detailed explanation to the students about the various activities and manufacturing related tasks carried out in their respective departments. The company is into manufacturing automobile accessories, especially car seats and structures. They are also going into incorporating internet and AI for car seats. Students learned that a lot of innovation, thought and execution goes behind the manufacturing of just one single car accessory- car seats.

The students were then taken around the shop floor, where they could carefully observe the manufacturing process of the car seats. This included raw material storage, manufacturing of seats and the final delivery. They could easily understand the importance of process layout, inventory management, Just-in-time process which they had studied in their coursework. Finally, the Question of students were answered by the Factory Head, Mr. Basant Pandey. Students had many questions regarding marketing of the specialized product, product innovation, costing and pricing of the product, logistics challenges, to name a few. All their doubts were answered by the Lear Foundation Team.

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