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Industrial Visit

Dr. Reshma Kadam

Industrial Visit

27 January, 2023

The students visited Aiotor Labs Private Limited located at Magarpatta City, Hadapsar, Pune [Robotics Company] for insight into the operations and processes of an IT company, which was highly beneficial for their professional growth.

For a successful professional career, theoretical knowledge is not enough. It is here that by going beyond academics, industrial visit provides students a much relevant practical perspective of the actual workplace and the larger world of business.

Students were divided into three groups in order to ensure a smooth industrial visit at Aiotor.

The industrial visit began with a presentation of Mr. Devidas Rathod [Business Development Officer, Aiotor] who described the operations and functioning of Aiotor and the  placement requirements of robotics in India.

Jitendra Kumar Yadav, the Director of Aiotor, was the next speaker. He focused on the innovative solutions and services offered by Aiotor to its customers. He also touched upon the programming requirements for robotics, which is an important aspect of the field. The company presented a robot that is capable of performing various operations through programming. They also emphasized the importance of their robotic labs, which are designed for learners of robotics. The labs are accessible through the company’s own cloud.

The session concluded with tips on how to prepare for an interview and important points to keep in mind when appearing for an interview at Aiotor. The speaker emphasized the importance of being well-prepared and informed to increase the chances of success in the interview process.

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