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Cyber Jagrukta Diwas

Dr. Reshma Kadam

Cyber Jagrukta Diwas

1st February, 2023

Cybersecurity Awareness Day (also known as Cyber Jagrukta Diwas) is an event that is organized to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity and educate people about various cyber threats such as phishing links. By presenting skits, students can develop skills to spread awareness and educate their peers and community about the dangers of phishing links and how to stay safe online.

The significance of Cyber Jagrukta Diwas was discussed before the skit was presented.

The skit was about a phishing link sent by hackers for investment.

A link for an investment was sent to victims that would return twice its value after seven days. It was decided by the victims that they would invest more in order to increase their return. After that, the hacker disabled the link. Victims were waiting for seven days to pass. After 7 days, victims tried to access the same link, but it was no longer active. In response, one victim suggested reporting the scam. The cyber security officer was annoyed and expressed regret that despite their advising people not to click on unknown links, people go ahead and do so and cause losses to themselves. The Officer promised to help and investigate the issue. The next day however the officer gave the victims the bad news that the link had been closed for a long time, hence the hacker could not be traced/identified.

The skit and the scenario described is an effective way of raising awareness about the dangers of phishing scams and the importance of being cautious when it comes to online security. By showing the consequences of falling for a phishing link and investing money, the skit highlighted the need for due diligence and caution when making online transactions. The role of the cyber security officer in the skit demonstrates the importance of seeking help and reporting incidents to professionals. The fact that the link was closed for a long time and the hacker could not be traced serves as a reminder that once a phishing link is closed, it becomes difficult to retrieve lost funds, emphasizing the need for vigilance in protecting personal and sensitive information.

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