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A Session on Corporate Responses to Sexual Assault

Ms. Sonali Joshi

A Session on Corporate Responses to Sexual Assault

28th February, 2022

 Ms. Sonali Joshi welcomed the Speaker, Dr. Viddulata Gawade and the attendees for the Event, describing the importance of the session that was being held today, with an appeal to the students to be an active part of the session as they were on the verge of entering the world of work. 

Jyotika Makhija, from MBA II, Batch 2020-2022 introduced the speaker and welcomed the students and faculty for the session. 

Dr. Viddulata Gawade began the session by addressing the attendees about the importance of being aware of the surroundings, the culture and the times that they soon would be joining. 

She brought forth various cases of sexual harassments at companies and the decisions that were taken. 

She emphasized that any such cases does not tarnish the image only of the complainant but to much levels questions the integrity of the organizations as well. Therefore, most of the MNCs today treat these as most sensitive and priority concerns if they so happen in their organization. 

She also shared that it is a misnomer that everytime only women are given support for their complaints or claims. The organizations present a non-biased view and have even found women to have made wrong complaints. In such cases, the companies have stood by their right decisions. 

Dr. Gawade also conducted an online quiz for the attendees bringing to light various factors that we might or might not think about but are pertinent for the corporate responses to sensitive issues. 

The students participated actively in the session. After the Open House, the session ended with a vote of thanks by Sonali Joshi

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