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A Panel Discussion on Cancer awareness

Ms. Sonali Joshi

A Panel Discussion on Cancer awareness

15th February, 2022

The panel discussion started with the welcome address given by Ms. Jyotika Makhija which was followed by Dr. Divya Lakhani address to the audience. 

Session by Ms. Sushmita Mitra

Ms. Susmita Mitra shared about what is cancer and the myths about cancer. She spoke about physiological and psychological challenges the patients face other than the medical treatment due to these misconceptions. She explained the stages of cancer in detail, “in the normal cells if cancer occurs and that area gets destroyed, but after timely treatment it again recovers normal cells, giving an opportunity to lead a good life”. She explained about DNA mutations, common cancer types in India such as Oral Cancer, Breast Cancer , Cervical Cancer and Prostate Cancer. She also emphasized on the cancer prevention strategies. Many malignancies could be prevented by exercising, eating right, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking, by being proactive and get an annual cancer screening and “keep in mind that don’t wait to get sick before taking action!” She talked about the Childhood cancer that it is not linked to any particular lifestyle factors or it does not discriminate by race or socioeconomic status.

Session by Mr. Vijay

Bhat Mr. Vijay Bhat, a cancer survivor himself, talked on the topic on thriving with cancer: journey from illness to wholeness. He gave a very positive approach of cancer healing him. He explained the concepts to change the mindset that be a survivor or thrive , be patient or impatient , be statistic or anecdote. Mr. Bhat explained the purpose of his organization, Cancer Awakens, is that they want people to awaken, heal and grow through a traumatic cancer experience, instead of suffering like victims, or dying on schedule. The vision of cancer awakens is many millions must survive; one millions must thrive. 

Session by Ms. Vandana Gupta

 Ms. Vandana Gupta shared about the Issues of Children their Rehab and Parents’ Behaviour. She explained the parent’s point of view when their child is suffering from cancer, then at this time the parents are extremely shocked, there is so much anxiety about this, there is anger and guilt that can have adverse effects on relationships. It depends on the parent’s supportive behavior for healing the child. She explained that if the environment is not healthy for the child it will take time to heal. In many cases that if a child is suffering from cancer and getting all the attention from the parents then sometimes the child shows a tantrum behavior in order to get the attention from parents and making all his or her wishes fulfilled. 

Open House

 After the panelists, discussion the attendees were invited for Open House to ask their questions to the panelists. The panelists also discussed on a few of the questions and thoughts and presented more dimensions to the topic.

 The program concluded with a Vote of thanks Mrs. Vaishali Patil.

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