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Women Empowerment and Mental Health

7th March, 2019

Resource Person: Dr. Sadhana Natu

Dr. Sadhana Natu, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Modern College of Arts, Ganeshkhind, Pune, held the audience in awe when she spoke on ‘Women Empowerment and Mental Health’.

She discussed how mental health and empowerment are two essential needs in context of women. She mentioned the importance of emotional intelligence and shared many examples to show how one can manage one’s emotions. Dr. Natu also urged not to suppress negative emotions as it could lead to mental and physical ailments in the long run.

Women Empowerment and Mental Health During her interaction with the students, Dr. Sadhana explained how certain gender specific risk factors like violence, socioeconomic disadvantage, income inequality, social status, roles, and negative life experiences and events can adversely affect women’s mental health.

The programme was organised with the objective of promoting gender equity.

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