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Awareness about Legal Rights of Women

5th July, 2022

Resource Person: Advocate Sonawane

Advocate Sonawane advised the girls to become aware of one’s own assets – Stree Dhan, documents, information about the husband’s income, property insurance etc and rights pertaining to divorce, live in relationships, being a second wife or an uninformed first wife, domestic violence by parents or relatives etc.; rights of unmarried girls / daughters; hereditary rights of girls to family property etc. Such awareness helps to create one’s own safety net.

She stated that no one can throw an unmarried girl / daughter out of the house. She also added that in case there is a young girl without any living family member, she can approach any of the government shelters to support herself; availability of free legal aid and services and other provisions available at the Family Court for harassed women.; about the Damini Squad, Pune Chapter; various government schemes for women such as Ujjwala Gas connection schemes, Rajiv Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, Mudra Yojana, services from State Corporation etc that are all designed to help the women in need, and to help them become self-reliant and self-dependent.

She also shared about Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code that deals with rape and fraudulent statements or false promises of marriage and provisions of Domestic Violence Act 2005( m_domestic_violence_act%2C_2005.pdf) .

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