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World No Tobacco Day (2021)

31st May, 2021

Resource Person: Director, Dr. B Nanwani

A virtual programme was organised to observe the World No Tobacco Day (2021).    Here is a snap shot of activities conducted:  

  1. Pledges of abstaining from tobacco products were read in Hindi and English.

  2. Awareness drive about ill effects of consuming tobacco was conducted by organising a  Drawing and Slogan Competition. The theme was ‘Say NO to tobacco’, ‘Commit to Quit’    

  3. Students were shown a video created by Prashanti Foundation on  ‘Harmful Effects  of Tobacco on the Human body’   Faculty members, Ms Bindiya Rangwani cautioned against the temptation of  pleasure  smoking like Hooka in parties, brushing teeth with ‘mishri’ etc. Dr Abhijeet Kaiwade spoke  about using Nicotex gum to help one quit smoking and chewing tobacco.  

The Director, Dr. B Nanwani inaugurated the Pledge Mission through GOOGLE form links. The  programme was brought to a conclusion by singing the National Anthem at 5 PM.  

The programme saw a participation of 161 people, which included students, parents and staff  members.  World

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