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Natural And Man-Made Disaster Management

30th June, 2021

Resource Persons: Brig. Kuldip Singh (Retd), Prof R V Kulkarni and Mr. Rubaab Sood

The Chief Guest, Brig. Kuldip Singh (Retd) spoke about different types  of natural and manmade disasters, causes of accidents and their impacts as also the  background and history of disaster management in India.  A short video showcasing the work  of the National Institute of Disaster Management [ NIDM] was shown.    

Prof R V Kulkarni, shed light on the hazards, vulnerabilities in disasters, management, types  of disasters and disaster management cycles. A Q & A session followed his talk.    

Mr. Rubaab Sood, spoke about the recovery and the response operations in a  disaster management plan. He shared his experiences and learnings of NDMA’s  recovery and relief operations in Uttarakhand floods and earthquake. He also talked about how  such disasters impact human life and business continuity.

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