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Musical Webinar Yaarathon

25th September, 2020

Resource Person: Ms. Bindiya

[Online Programme] ; Time: 11am to 12pm  

NSS Unit of  Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls Pune celebrated  ‘Yaarathon’ on the occasion of NSS Day. The primary aim of the event was to use music to  promote good health and wellbeing amongst students and to raise awareness on suicide and  depression. The musical event started with a melodious song followed by a display of some  magical tricks. A volunteer from Jalgaon recited a very touching poem emphasising the need  to spend time and be available for our loved ones. Then a small motivational talk was given on  the current situation of youth in terms of stress and mental health. Students were advised to be  ambitious but never go overboard and keep away from stressful situations; assess your capacity  and then decide on goals. There was a question – answer session and Ms. Bindiya offered vote  of thanks.

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