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Cyber Crime Awareness – Skits

10th January, 2023

Students presented three skits to raise cybercrime awareness.

Students presented three skits to raise cybercrime awareness. The first skit dealt with how to exchange sensitive information. The transposition method was used by two girls to exchange information secretly. The second skit was about a young girl who handed over her credit card for payment to the cashier in the mall. The cashier was a hacker. She asks her relative for the PIN on the phone and this is heard by the 2 strangers who in fact are accomplices of the cashier. They communicate the PIN to the cashier and he swipes the card to siphon off the money. Students delivered the message: Do Not Share Secret Information To Anyone Over Phone. The third skit was about a student who is about to give the OTP to the person who has made a call to her about her educational loan being sanctioned and the need to enter the OTP for the amount to be credited to her account. She is about to give the OTP, when her friend interjects with the words: Bank Never Asks For OTP Or Any Sensitive Information Over Phone

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