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Corporate Readiness

'Lead the Ship'

10th and 11th October, 2019

Student Development Program

Campus – Corporate- Connect

(Stress Management and Emotional Competence)

A two-day student development program was organized on the 10th and 11th of October, 2019 under the Course: Campus-Corporate-Connect (C3) titled – ‘Lead the Ship’ (Stress Management and Emotional Competence for MBA Batch 2018-2020.

Day 1: Covered aspects of Leadership by Dr. Smita Iyer on Great Leaders of the World, Women in Leadership roles, and the challenges faced by women with discussion on articles from HBR, followed by concepts of networking and negotiation skills.

Mr. Anand Mohagaonkar, Ex MD of Cummins India Ltd, gave his inputs on leader-team dynamics, stress management, and internal networking dynamics. He stressed on developing an understanding of organizational dynamics and actively building clarity on one’s role in the organization.

The day ended with an enthusiastic Mr. Mohan Nair, Director, Ensigns Software & Communications Pvt. Ltd, giving touching anecdotes of Palkhi to drive home the point that leadership is taking ownership of work, irrespective of your designation and position. He reiterated the need to revisit and practice the basic morals and values imbibed by one’s family to build heart-based leadership and the need to build trust in one’s team to raise the performance bar.

Day 2: Had four major sessions focusing on building an understanding of Stress Management and Emotional Competence. The first speaker of the day, Mr. R Shankara Narayanan, Vertical Head-Digital, gave insights on stress in an organization, differences between positive and negative stress and articulation, and the importance of saying ‘No’ to reset time goals. He stressed working out a work-life balance and exploring the world to live without stress.

He was followed by Ms. Gayatri Vartak, Director Samiksha Sports Pvt Ltd, and sports counselor accompanied by Ms Damini and Ms Sneha. She conducted management games to explain what stress is; when to seek help and from whom. Her dialogue on what is right for an individual was engaging for students. She made groups exchange their current stress factor with other groups and proved that most of the ‘so-called stress’ is irrelevant and is discarded as stress by others. The example of stress outburst- Serina Williams during the US Open match led to an anecdotal memory impression for all.

The third speaker, Ms. Aparna Prabhudesai, Senior Management Trainer and first and oldest Indian woman to conquer Mount Everest and CEO – Bodhvriksh emphasized the need to engage in a hobby to de-stress and build on motivation. Her talk was interspersed with real-life experiences, humorous interactive conversations, and role-plays to explain what stress does to one’s body and mind. Her final activity focused on the need to develop a habit of appreciating one another to build a stress-free atmosphere and goodwill.  She ended the session by making students complement each other.

Post post-lunch session taken by Mr. Kiran Gandhi, Ms Stephania Menezes, and Mr. Anup Pawar on Emotional Competence through management games was an experience in itself for the students. The activity conducted by them on- being with oneself and being in another person’s shoes helped students understand how they could remain emotionally sensitive and connected.. The program closed with a valedictory address by Ms. Bindiya Rangwani.


Successfully Completed the C3 Certification

Sr No
Name of Students
Tanvi Tirthani
Harsha Muthaiya
Nishita Peshwani
Shivani Deokar
Mariya Pithawala
Snigdha Das
Kajal Baravkar
Shweta Bhosale
Kanchan Jhangiani
Umamaheshwari Bondla
Sayali Devkar
Archana Chhatpar
Aditi Haswani
Anam iqbal
Siddhika Pawar
Anuradha Tiwari
Drishti Budhani
Aditi Kamble
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Effectiveness of Emotional Quotient in the Corporate World 

16th January, 2019

When awareness is brought to an emotion, power is brought to your life and to create this awareness, we invited Ms. Mihika Bhanot, an Image Consultant certified from the USA and a soft skills trainer with vast experience. She, very tactfully, demonstrated self-worth by crumpling a 100 rupee note, throwing it on the floor, and then asking students if, merely, crumpling or throwing the note decreased the value of that currency. Through a variation of Dumb Charades, she brought their emotions to life and gave them lessons on teamwork, leadership, and strategy making too. Throughout the session, it was through her personal experiences that she shared the techniques to control specific emotions at the workplace and gave a very mature suggestion of either talking directly to the person with whom you have had problems or if you cannot take it anymore, just walk out of it with dignity.

Give Wings to Your Heart

4th October, 2018

Ms. Sonia Agarwal Konjeti, the founder of PULA along with her team was invited to speak to our students on the theme of ‘Give wings to your Heart’. PULA is the largest Facebook platform for the ladies of Pune. It was a mesmerising rendezvous that inspired the young aspiring minds of our students. From the birth of PULA to various concerns that this platform tackles to the respect given to the male fraternity of our society, we interviewed team PULA on every aspect. This interview motivated our students and answered their doubts as to initiating something of their own.

Your career objective is as much ours too    

17th September, 2018

To emphasise and to open new avenues of career for our students, we arranged a session on Government exams and Banking exams, by Mr. Abhay Landge, on 17th September 2018. Mr. Abhay Landge is currently the Director of Winners Institute, coaching classes for guiding prospective students on Government and Banking exams and he has 7 years of experience working in Andhra Bank.

This session proved to be an eye-opener in breaking students’ myths, and perceptions about working in a Government sector. After Mr. Landge was done with delivering his session, there was one-on-one counseling arranged for students who were interested in working in Banks/Government organizations.

Corporate Grooming

10th September 2018

The importance of proper grooming and professional appearance cannot be over-emphasized; more so for MBA students raring to enter the corporate world. Given this, Ms. Yashika Chowdhary was invited to break certain myths about personal make-up and dressing for the workplace. Having worked in an MNC for 5 years and an experience of 2.5 years in the make-up industry, Ms. Yashika stood out perfectly in guiding our students on how a lady should present herself in the corporate set-up to boost her confidence and be perceived as a decent and effective employee.

Being recognized as 1 of the top 5 make-up artists in Pune and amongst the top 10 wedding make-up artists in India, Yashika gave a demonstration of her make-up skills and provided solutions to the personal doubts of our students.

It made us proud to have our alumni carry out this session creatively and interactively.

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