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Workshop (Online) on Cybersecurity

28th December, 2022

Resource Person: Mr. Deepak Talwar

The audience were introduced to various terminologies like cyber bullying, hacking, phishing, cloning, data theft, digital frauds etc. The difference between ethical hacking and hacking was clarified and the consequences of digital impersonation were told.

Several case studies were shared with the audience and they were further sensitized towards privacy and security of data. Five values- Responsibility, Respect, Compassion, Resilience and Integrity were emphasised and the Cyber Laws of India were shared with the audience. The resource person demonstrated live hacking and made the students aware about various ways like two-step verification, comment control, using a strong password, etc that they can adopt in order to avoid Cyber Crimes.

He concluded the session by sharing some tips for internet banking and safe online transactions. He also shared the website for reporting Cyber Crimes. Women and children can report anonymously on Internet is a technology, not a toy and we should harness it carefully. Your safety is in your hands. Stay alert, stay safe!, was their parting shot.

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