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Panel Discussion - Women Entrepreneurs

27th January, 2023

Resource Person: Ms. Uzma Mulla

Ms. Monica Lundh, Fashion Designer, Ms. Uzema Mulla, Founder of Delectable Dishes (Online Cake Business), Mrs. Prachi Mohindra, Photographer (Maternity, Family & Portfolio), a professional Ms. Rajeshree M Kirtikar, Audiologist & Speech Therapist, Ms. Pallavi Patil, IT Recruiter for Startup and Ms. Rameshwari Wadgule, Dietician & Nutritionist were the panel for the day. The women first shared their journeys as to how they thought of starting the venture. Most of these ambitious ladies had quit a regular job to start their venture. They started their enterprise with very little or no capital investment. However these women entrepreneurs had varied experiences in balancing their work and home after starting their venture. They also had varied experiences with regards to the challenges faced by them like marketing their products, getting clients and approaching them. Another challenge they faced was self-inflicted as all wanted to do their home chores along with their business tasks. However, all the ladies expressed that they got ample support from their families which helped them to make their dreams come true.

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