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Developing an Entrepreneurial Attitude

11 January 2022

Resource Person: Mr. Gulshan Joshi, a serial entrepreneur

Mr. Gulshan Joshi, a serial entrepreneur spoke of his entrepreneurial journey moving from a senior level job to and entrepreneur. He spoke of the following uncompromisable qualities of an entrepreneur:
1. Passion
2. Courage
3. Flexibility and Adaptability
4. Strong work ethics
5. Confidence
6. Risk-taking capability
7. Leadership
8. Some of the hard-hitting statements that emerged out of his talk and the Q n A session were:
9. The one who believes in others pursues a job and the one who believes in himself/herself becomes an entrepreneur.
10. Your business venture should be your love, an emotion.
11. When building and running a business venture, give and take.
12. Do not be a boss rather be a leader who works equally for others to follow your actions.

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