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Enhancing HR Function in the Digitally Driven Workspace

16 May 2022

Resource Person: Pragati

● Ms. Pragati began the session by sharing her recent experience at a Taj property wherein she conversed with the HR manager about the standards of service that Taj is known for and the engagement of the employees. The manager shared about the growth cycle of the employees right from the time he is inducted into the organization and the handholding the employee gets for his career development.
● She emphasized on the need for right recruitment practices followed by well-defined training programs.
● With digitalization, even the levels of leadership have been restructured. Most of the organizations today hire coaches to help employees understand their capabilities, enhance them, fill in the gaps to have a better functioning at all levels.
● She spoke about upskilling. She encouraged the girls to be open to learning, to keep themselves updated and enhance their existing knowledge and skills through various courses, reading and keeping themselves abreast with the changing business scenarios. It is required for them to understand their role as an HR in the digitally driven world and to perform to meet these complex requirements.
● Goals for self and the plans to achieve them are very important to keep oneself engaged and motivated. A good career planning has positive impact on individual as well as the organization.
● She shared her journey from being an MBA graduate to her present job profile and her learning through the years.

Enhancing HR Function in the Digitally Driven Workspace
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