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B2B and B2C Sales from Industry Perspective

22 March 2021

Resource Person: Mr. Aditya Sengupta

In the 1st half of this session, Mr. Aditya Sengupta gave a basic scenario of how B2B and B2C sales operate in the industry. For example, he mentioned that to complete one B2B transaction, it might take 2 months because, there are many participants involved. With his experience of working with Birla as one of his clients, he also explained how to build trust in your client. While the 2nd half of the session was entirely interactive where he answered the questions asked by the students and participants. In his endeavour of answering questions, he spoke about:
3 key points to be researched about, before meeting a B2B customer. Those being: the organization itself, the person who you are going to meet and the industry at large
Customers do not fall for discounts, but value trustworthy relationships built over time
You cannot be nervous for a Sales meeting, if you have prepared well. Always try to 1st meet the person at a lower level, do not always aim to meet the top-ranking person of the organization.

B2B and B2C Sales from Industry Perspective
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