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National Level Workshop

3rd July, 2021

Resource Person: Dr. Pujar

Dr. Pujar stated that for research one needs to record different kinds of secondary sources of data that one refers to and suitably cite them.. Zotero helps in systematically recording these data sources.

Dr. Pujar introduced Zotero  features and provided guidance on steps of downloading Zotero iZotero icons  for recording books, Zotero list of item box and Zotero icon for collection of items. He demonstrated how to create new manual item and new item from current webpage; how to save link to current page; how to take snapshots of current page; how to create new standalone   note;   look   out   items   such   as   DOI,   ISBN   and   search   items;   how   to   create bibliography   using  APA  or   Chicago   or   MLA  or   other   citation   styles.   He   enlightened participants about Zotero MS-Word integration; Zotero online syncing; Back-up data; and Zotero-retracted items notifications.

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