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23rd June, 2021

Resource Person: Ms. Sunitha Bharadwaj, Ms. Nishtha Shukla and Mr. Amit Kothari.

Biz-a-thon: Final Round – Business Model took place on 23rd  June 2021 at 11:30 am. Microsoft Teams Link was provided to the participants on 22nd June. 10 teams were chosen
which qualified the 1st  two rounds. We started the entire event at 11:30 am once all the required participants joined the link. We introduced the Judges and gave a brief introduction about them.

Our Panel of Judges for the final round were: Ms. Sunitha Bharadwaj, Ms. Nishtha Shukla and Mr. Amit Kothari. We started the Round with a small Sanskrit prayer. All the teams started giving their presentation. Time given for all the presentations was 10 minutes and was followed   by   a   series   of   Questions   and   Answers   related   to   their   presentations.   The presentations made by the participants brought in new ideas and all of the audience were intrigued by them. Participants were also given word of advice on how they can carry out their respective business models in a practical environment.Winner and Runner up were announced. We thanked our panel of judges for giving us their time.  The Event lasted for 5 hours 30 minutes. It ended at 5 pm.  

1. Dhruvik Tanna & Anoushka Sharma
   Business Venture Name: Zephyr- Energy for all
2. Runner Up: Nidhi Puri & Apurva Kokane
    Business Venture Name: Twice but Nice

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