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Personal Branding

Resource Person: Ms. Shubhra Chakraborthy, Marketing Manager at Philips Healthcare and Founder of Poshan

Personal Branding

Ms. Shubhra covered two aspects: Building a  portfolio and thus a strong personal brand and tips on how to take advantage of personal brand thus built to fetch job opportunities one desires. Here are the key points from her talk:

  1. Always engage in sensible conversations with the guest speakers that the institution invites for various programmes/sessions. Be active throughout the programme/session

  2. Connect with the speaker/guest over LinkedIn

  3. Increase the visibility on LinkedIn by creating engagement through your comments on posts of people who have huge number of followers, seek help from experts to understand complexities of the corporate world

  4. Catch hold of mentors from the network you have thus created. Seek advice from them to improve/to move further in career/for important professional decisions

  5. Make sure to follow-up with these mentors at regular frequency

  6. Do multiple internships and build a diverse portfolio

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