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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Jayanti / World Students’ Day

14th November, 2022 and 15th November, 2022

Participating Students



Former President of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s entire life is an inspiration for the younger generation. His learnings, experience and his thoughts still reverberate through the youth and act as a beacon to achieve their goals. He always taught children that no matter what kind of situation there may be in life, determination shall always turn dreams into reality. 

The United Nations started observing Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's birthday as 'International Students' Day' in 2010, appreciating his contributions as a teacher. This day is also observed as National Innovation Day with the aim to introduce students to the important roles that innovation and creativity play in every aspect of human development. 


With Library as the apt venue to observe Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s birth anniversary, The faculty, staff and students got together in hybrid mode. There were discussions on the movie I am Kalam and how each of us attendees remembered our school days and the impact of our teachers on us. 

The faculty and staff also discussed about the new age learning where learning is the only constant, barring all ages and flowing across borders. An interesting Quiz on National Innovation Day was conducted for the students – ‘Innovators and their Innovations’ in which everyone participated enthusiastically. 

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