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Marathi Bhasha Din

26 February 2022

Judge: Ms. Vaishali Patil, Ms. Sayali Kawade

Day & Date Saturday, 26 February 2022
Time 11.30 am
Venue Platform and link Online


We partnered with Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Institute of Information Technology & Management Sciences, Rourkela, Odisha to celebrate The Marathi Language Day
To promote , recognise and honour the greatness of Marathi literature among the students of SVIMS and DAMITS
11:30AM Introduction of the Program
11.31AM Student Performances
12:25 PM Vote of Thanks
Marathi Language Day is celebrated every year on February 27 to honour the birth anniversary of famous Marathi poet Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar, who was opularly known as 'Kusumagraj'. Shirwadkar was an eminent Marathi poet, playwright, novelist, short story writer, and humanist. He wrote a lot about freedom, justice, and social evils like poverty. He wrote 16 volumes of poems, three novels, eight volumes of short stories, seven volumes of essays, and 18 plays and six one-act plays. The day is celebrated to recognize and honour the greatness of Marathi literature.
The government started celebrating 'Marathi Rajbhasha Gaurav Din' after Kusumagraj's demise in 1999.
Sadhu Vaswani Institute of Management Studies for Girls (SVIMS) and Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Institute of Information Technology & Management Sciences (DAMITS), celebrated the day through various cultural performances in Marathi language . The program commenced with the address by Ms. Vaishali Patil There was overwhelming and wholehearted participation from the students of both the colleges. Following students gave wonderful performances in various cultural programs in Marathi.
1. Speech in Marathi by Ms. Sayali Kawade (SVIMS)
2.Lavani: Salomi Gore (SVIMS)
3.Ukhana: Shradha Shinde (SVIMS)
4.Lavani:Rutuja Thorat (SVIMS)
5.Speech in Marathi: Kanizfatema Khan (SVIMS)
6.Ukhana:Neelam Chavan (SVIMS)
7.Kakad Arati: Shradha Yadav (SVIMS)
8.Gondhal: Vipashyana Sonawane (SVIMS)
9.Ukhana:Hemak Naik (SVIMS)
10.Song: Anuja Jagdale (SVIMS)
11.Opening Video: Rutuja Parkhi,Isha Khnadekar,Nandini Verma ,Rajsee Sarwate (SVIMS)Role Play (Group)
12.Mr. Debashish Dey (DAMITS)
13.Ms. Priyanka Nayak (DAMITS)
14.Ms. Pooja Barik (DAMITS)
15.Ms. Sabnam Parween (DAMITS)
16.Mr. Amit Pal (DAMITS)
17.Mr.Shiva Tanty (DAMITS)
18.Ms. Aspriha Raj (DAMITS)
19.Ms. Snehalata Baitha (DAMITS)
20.Ms.Shaista S(DAMITS)
21.Mr. Nalli Anirudh Raj(DAMITS)
22.Ms.Kalpalata Gauda(DAMITS)
23.Ms. Nibedita Meher(DAMITS)
24.Mr. Debendra Badaik(DAMITS)
25.Ms. Damini Majhi(DAMITS)
26.Mr. Nitesh Tirkey(DAMITS) Marathi Dance
27.SOLO -Ms. Shaista S (DAMITS)
28.DUO- Ms. Subhalaxmi Jena & Ms. Shaista S (DAMITS) Marathi song
29.Mr.Amit Pal (DAMITS)

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