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Workshop on Content Ideation and Creation

Ms. Bindiya Rangwani

Workshop on Content Ideation and Creation

29th January, 2022

The trainer for this workshop was Mr. Sheetal Vaidya, the Creative lead at Tech Mahindra. All the students were divided into groups of four. To start with, he asked the participants about how they came up with their group names, asked them to create a logo basis the reason for group name and the name itself. After assessing this first task, he went on to train them on the SCAMPER model for content creation. SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adopt, Modify, Put to others’ use, Eliminate, Rearrange/Reverse. After this model, he showed a few ads of Goodnight, Colgate, Amul and a Coconut oil to the participants and drew some important points from the ads with relation to content creation. These are:

  1. Emotional quotient is important to create a story

  2. Make sure to have a conflict in your story

  3. Make it interesting by adding scenarios

  4. Try to give an indirect message

The last segment of this workshop involved use of the Canva app for construction of creatives and analysis of the creatives thus made. A total of 14 students from MBA Part II attended this workshop.

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