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Seeti Bajao Shor Machao

Ms. Sonali Joshi

Seeti Bajao Shor Machao

22nd December, 2023

  • The students and faculty discussed about the ideas for the street play a fortnight before the event. It was heartening to see the feelings that flowed amongst the students to the theme of the street play.

  • With Director’s permission and guidance, the Koragaon Park Police Station was approached for permission to hold a rally from the Institute to the Gadge Maharaj Vasti.

  • The students blew the whistles throughout the rally with the slogan “Jab Dekho Koi Atyachaar, Seeti Bajao Shor Machao”.

  • On reaching the Vasti, the students walked in the bylanes of the Vasti, attracting the residents’ attention and asking them to come and watch the street play.

  • The students then performed on the street which captured the attention of women and children alike.

  • The Police Representative, Constable Samarth Shide, helped in controlling the traffic so that our goal could be achieved.

  • The Rally returned to SVIMS with a feeling of contentment, having shared with women at the Vasti the need to be self-dependent for her children’s and her security. The message given to everyone was that silence gives wings to abusers. Therefore, to voice injustice is important.

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