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Gender Sensitization and Awareness – Gender Sensitivity

14th January, 2022

Resource Person: Dr. V. Gawade

Ms. Viddulata Gawade, commenced the session by undertaking an activity wherein she asked the students to identify – which gender they associate with a particular word. For example – Cook, Pilot, Smoker, etc. This activity brought forward the fact that we have some stereotypes in our mind regarding certain roles being played by a particular gender. She went on to emphasize that all men and women need to be more open in their thinking and come out of traditional way of thinking.

She explained the Banwari Devi incident and brought about the importance of Vishakha Judgement. She then went on to discuss Rupan Bajaj and Gill case on outraging the modesty of women. Besides this, she discussed the cases where the girls are filing false cases against men for rape, in the event of relationship going sour. These cases bring to fore the need to be more gender sensitive and practice gender equity.

In conclusion, it can be said that though we talk about gender sensitivity and equality – we need to make conscious efforts to understand that men and women are different, and that they need to be accepted as being unique individuals, who have their own thinking and ideologies.

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