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Celebrating Womanhood: Better Menstrual Hygiene = Better Mental & Physical Wellbeing

13th January, 2022

Resource Person: Dr. Girija Wagh

Dr. Girija Wagh explained about the menstruation cycle, its occurrence, its anatomy in the female body and myths related to menstruation.. The key takeaways from her session were as follows:

● Womanhood and each role a woman plays in her life need to be acknowledged and celebrated and this begins with self-love and self-care. Of all the rights and roles a woman plays, the greatest one is that of being a mother.

● The most common reasons for irregular periods and the restorative remedies available for them and the need for regular check-ups with trusted gynaecologist. The effects of PCOD / PCOS on the health of young women and the treatments available thereof.

● The three mool mantras – Aahar (balanced diet), Vihar( physical exercise and rest), Vichaar (positive thoughts) for good personal health and hygiene.

Dr. Dilip Pardeshi, SO, Indian Red Cross also addressed the students and the faculty and appreciated the efforts taken by the team to conduct a guest talk on such a relevant topic.

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