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Cloud Kitchen

13 August 2021

Resource Person: Ms Rachana Desai and Mr Milind, the Managing Partners of Bambooli Cloud Kitchen

Ms Rachana Desai and Mr Milind, the Managing Partners of Bambooli Cloud Kitchen started right from how it was founded. Ms Rachana Desai had moved to Sindhudurg to work and the central problem that was identified by her was that there was no home-cooked normal food available for people who do not belong to Sindhudurg but work there. She took this up in her hand and decided to open a restaurant that would cater to this need. Hence, took birth Bambooli Cloud Kitchen. Mr Milind joined her in this journey after she had already founded this restaurant. After Covid hit, they had to move the operations from a dine-in restaurant to a Cloud Kitchen. Few most important points they stated were:
1. We have 3 food start-ups besides Bambooli Kitchen, and we prefer to keep its operations separate even though we serve food through all 3 of them. This is because the customer base and their respective needs are different.
2. Since, the network connectivity is not very strong in this district. We take orders on Whatsapp, a call, a text message, Facebook messenger, a chit or even verbally. This provides our customers with accessibility and ease of usage.
3. We source our vegetables and spices locally. In fact, we have generated employment for numerous farmers through this and hence, we have got a financial support from the Government of India as well.
4. The customer base that we have built is a result of a strong bond we have built with each one of them. We have truly helped them in pandemic times by delivering medicines, by picking up their children in times of distress or even by offering shelter
5. The uniformity and standardisation is taste has been maintained because it is mandatory for all our cooks to follow the one recipe for a dish/Biryani that we provide and none of them can divert from that one recipe.

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