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Research Skills by Using Grammarly & Typeset Research Studio

29th June, 2021

Mr. Mahesh Wagh, Managing Director at Nexus Golbal, EduTech Pvt., Ltd.

Mr. Zeeshan conducted a lecture on use of Grammarly and Typeset Research Studio  on 29th June 2021. Mr. Zeeshan explained in detail features of both the softwares/ tools for citing, formatting and building research work. He demonstrated how the software can be used to search journals/articles; converting MS-Word document into PDF; formatting of references in the   research   paper   and   making   citations.   He   provided   guidance   for   getting   documents reviewed independently in Typeset Studio and explained how to select templates for articles; how   to   add   equations,   references,   figures,   and   tables   using   Typeset   Studio.   He   also demonstrated the use of tools for checking plagiarism in both the softwares. Mr. Zeeshaan showed how we can set goals such as formatting, domain, tone, intent, etc. and how Grammarly can be used to correct language errors.

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