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Automations and Innovations know-how in HR for Start-ups


Resource Person: Ms. Awantika Bhardwaj

Automations and Innovations know-how in HR for Start-ups

Ms. Awantika Bhardwaj, HR Head at Tieto, Pune, discussed how Automation is invading the

HR space, and very soon everything that can be automated, will be automated. She justified

her statement by giving examples of a restaurant in Nagoya, Japan where all systems are

automated and chefs too are robots and a bank in Shanghai, China which is fully operated by


Ms. Avantika shared both the sides of the coin by explaining that although automation will

increase efficiency and reduce costs there will be an increasing need of managing emotions at

workplace as robots will lack these skills.


Responding to a query by a student ‘whether automation would eliminate workers’, Ms.

Avantika stated that automation would change the nature of jobs and in fact create new ones

such drone traffic controllers, human and technology integration specialists and human

opportunity spotters. Hence, she advised students to strengthen their skills by taking specific

courses in the area of their interests. 

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